One Vacancy:

You are Dougathon, and along with your Business Partner and Associate, Jerrence, you are traveling across the country in a small car on a secret mission.

BUT the mission is not what matters right now. Right now you are just TIRED, so find a hotel, get some rooms, and get some sleep!

My entry into the One Room (Bitsy Jam).


Use your arrow keys to or WASD to navigate your surroundings and to interact with objects.


Made in Adam Le Doux's Bitsy, using  Andrew Yolland's Borksyto integrate a number of incredibly useful hacks. An increase in the definition provided by Bitsy HD.


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it warms my heart to see such good pals. such chummy chums


Just incredibly good close friends!

I don't know what word to use for my feeling after playing this other than "nourished"? It was really sweet, and the dialogue was so funny. Thank you for this good content.

Thank you, this is such a sweet comment. It was also incredibly nourishing for me to make this, so I'm glad that it showed through.

Dougathon and Jerrence are my favorite names now. Thank you for this blessed bitsy, it's amazing <3


Thank you so much! I'm a huge fan of mashing together "plain" names to get ridiculous ones.

The art and storytelling are both magnificent and the humour was very on point. (Oh well kick me on the behind and call me a pickle was my favourite) Heartwarming, entertaining and a gosh darn good time,

Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I just like to have a fun time with the dialog, haha.

 a m a z i n g!!


T h a n k s !

There needs to be a sequel to this at some point. Or a whole saga.


This....THIS is a good idea.

Noah I'm cackling, this is perfection.

Ah, thanks!! I aim to make folks cackle!


Bravo, sirrah. A work of art that will last the ages. And topical, too!


There was only one...prompt. I knew what I had to do.