You're one of those indecisive types, you know that you'd like to live a life, any life really, but how do you decide? Just pick your cards and experience your  life...

My entry into the Tarot Bitsy Jam.


Use your arrow keys to or WASD to navigate your surroundings and to interact with objects.


Made in Adam Le Doux's Bitsy, using  Andrew Yolland's Borksy for a number of incredibly useful hacks.

Card Selection screen music is  "The Air Escaping" by Blue Dot Sessions

Living your life music is "Diner Gothic - Bottomless" by Blue Dot Sessions

Development log

Development log


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A very comforting experience for this hermit. It was fun and quite easy to get into. I wish it didn't reset back to the card selection screen at the end, because it's nice to stay on the ending with the same music to savour it. 

This came out great! I love all the different changes to the rooms in the different routes. Especially love those first rooms and the different sprites you used for each of the characters. You really put a lot of work into this and it really shows.!

Than you so much! I'm happy that it came across as well thought out. I got VERY ambitious with the first room, and since there were time considerations I had to tone it down on the rest of them, haha.

Wow, really impressed with this one. I thought the card bit at the start was going to be the entire game, and there was so much content that I was even more shocked the second time I played it when there were even more cards I could have chosen! The version I got was also weirdly relatable to my life at the moment. Well done!

I'm glad you found it relateable in some ways! I tried to make all of the options feel realistic, so they at least felt relateable to me!

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Surprisingly it was highly accurate, and it helped me a lot through the day as it felt like I was talking with myself. What a luck, great game! 


Really enjoyed my playthrough as the hermit. Started to feel more and more attached to the little world as I progressed through the rooms/descriptions. Great job!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed Terrence's "flair" as much as I did!


I drew The Lovers as my future ladies......


Thank you so much, I'm flattered!

Ladies, this one is a keeper! ;)

I seem to have gotten trapped in the past. During the Justice card the player avatar is teleported to the side of the screen and no inputs progress the story

Amazing art and amazing game though!

Thanks for letting me know about that bug! Misplaced "." as it turns out.  Also corrected a bug that made some card selections not register correctly (It was picking The Fool regardless of card choice). Should be all good to go now!